maid blast nyc – staten island maid service cleaning apartments and houses

Maid Blast NYC is a Staten Island cleaning service that cleans apartments, condos, houses, and short-term Airbnb or Vrbo rental properties.

Maid Blast NYC focuses on these types of properties:

Staten Island Apartment Cleaning:

Maid Blast NYC has cleaning service available for NYC apartments in Staten Island and an apartment cleaning that includes:

• The Kitchen
• Bathroom
• Bedroom
• Common Areas (Living Room, Stairs, etc.)

Maid Blast NYC will send a professional maid to your Staten Island Apartment for quality maid service. Our Staten Island maid will bring all the supplies required for expert cleaning service in Staten Island.

Staten Island House Cleaners:

Maid Blast NYC will provide professional maids to clean your beautiful Staten Island house. Our Staten Island house cleaning service includes:

• Bedrooms
• Bathrooms
• The Kitchen
• Common Areas (stairs, living room, etc.)

For a Staten Island house, customers might want to consider our Team Clean option as two cleaners will finish the job in half the time of one cleaner.

Staten Island Condo Cleaners:

Maid Blast NYC provides expert condo cleaning services in Staten Island. Our team of professional Staten Island cleaners will ensure your Staten Island condo is beautifully cleaned.

Our Staten Island condo maid service includes:

• Kitchen
• Bedroom(s)
• Bathroom(s)
• Common Areas

Staten Island Airbnb / Short-Term Rental Cleaners:

Maid Blast NYC has the team in place to execute time-sensitive Airbnb / short-term rental turnovers in Staten Island. Our expert Staten Island maid service will ensure your Airbnb guests are happy with the space.

Our Staten Island Airbnb cleaning service includes:

• Bed Sheet Washing / Drying
• Towels Washing / Drying
• Gift Staging
• Kitchen
• Bedroom(s)
• Bathroom(s)
• All Common Areas

Our Staten Island short-term rental Airbnb maid service will help to ensure your guests have a great time at your Manhattan Airbnb.

We focus on quality for each Staten Island apartment cleaning that we do. Other companies provide quick services that compromise on quality. We recommend customers allow the maid to spend the time necessary to ensure their Staten Island apartment is cleaning properly.

Our Staten Island cleaners are experts in their field. We do not accept “anyone” and let them represent our company. Maid Blast NYC cleaners must have previous experience in the world of cleaning, and follow the direction of both the customer and the company in order to ensure a positive customer experience.

Customer Incentives for Staten Island Cleaning Service

Maid Blast NYC offers incentives for our customers.

For example, if the customer provides the Vacuum for their Staten Island maid service, we will give them $10 OFF their service – each and every time!

If you don’t have a vacuum – No problem! We will bring the vacuum for you.

Why do we want you to provide a vacuum?

Because it makes life easier for our cleaners, the majority of whom commute via subway and bus to our customers’ Staten Island apartments in order to provide the cleaning service. Life’s just easier when you’re not carrying around a vacuum on NYC Transit.

Customer Approval Of Our Work

Whenever possible, Maid Blast NYC always asks the customer to do a “final walk-thru” of their NYC home in order to ensure the cleaning services are up to their standard.

If the customer would like the work corrected, tell the maid, and she or he will fix the problem immediately. It’s that easy!

If you are looking for exceptional cleaning services at a reasonable price, call Maid Blast NYC today at 212-257-2323

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