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Deep Cleaning Maid Service in Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Staten Island and Queens

A deep clean goes above and beyond your standard New York City maid service and includes further detail such as window sills, baseboards, window interiors, inside appliances, and so on.

Maid Blast offers deep cleaning services in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island. Our experienced maids will provide deep cleaning services that will make your house, apartment or condo shine.

Our Deep Cleaning services include:







Customize Your New York City Deep Cleaning

Customize your deep cleaning by prioritizing what items you want the cleaner to complete first when on-site. Just because it’s a deep clean doesn’t mean you have to clean the entire space – you can prioritize so that your cleaner can focus on deep cleaning specific rooms in your space, and the do a basic cleaning on the other areas / rooms. Give us a list, and let our experienced cleaners do the rest.

Instant Online Quote

Get an Instant Quote for a Deep Cleaning in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx. We respond On-Demand to your Deep Cleaning requests.

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