Brooklyn apartment cleaning service with customer incentives

Maid Blast NYC provides Brooklyn maid service to Brooklyn residents that live in an apartment, house, condo or are renting a short-term rental like an Airbnb or Vrbo property.

We provide a Brooklyn cleaning service for the following types of properties:

Brooklyn Apartment Cleaners:

Our Brooklyn apartment cleaning maid service includes the following areas of the apartment:

• Kitchen
• Bathroom(s)
• Bedroom (s)
• Common Areas

Brooklyn Condos Cleaners:

Our Brooklyn condo cleaning service includes the following areas of the Brooklyn condominium:

• Kitchen
• Bathroom(s)
• Bedroom (s)
• Common Areas

Brooklyn Airbnb Short-Term Rental Cleaners:

Maid Blast NYC provides the following short-term rental / Airbnb turnover:

• Bed Sheet Washing / Drying
• Towels Washing / Drying
• Gift Staging
• Kitchen
• Bedroom(s)
• Bathroom(s)
• All Common Areas

Brooklyn House Cleaners:

Maid Blast NYC can provide residents of Brooklyn houses, the follow Team Clean services for their Brooklyn house:

• Kitchen
• Bedrooms
• Bathrooms
• Common Areas (stairs, living room, etc.)

Our Brooklyn Cleaners:

Maid Blast NYC cleaners are interviewed and screened, and most of our cleaners come with previous cleaning experience.

Our Brooklyn maids understand the importance of detail, and put great emphasis on the effective cleaning of your Brooklyn apartment, house, condo or Airbnb.

Customer Incentives with Maid Blast NYC

Maid Blast NYC offers customers incentives if they provide the vacuum cleaner for the Brooklyn maid service.

If we can use your vacuum – we will take $10 OFF your service each and every time you call us!

Don’t have a vacuum? No problem, we will bring one!

The reason we make this offer is because we want to simplify our cleaners lives as much as possible, and we understanding commuting on NYC Transit with a vacuum can become quite cumbersome.

If you are in need of cleaning service for your Brooklyn apartment, condo, house or Airbnb, give us a call today at 212-257-2323 and we will simplify your life and make your home shine!

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